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Green Future Fund

About Us

About Us

The world is moving towards sustainability. At Green Future we make investing in Greentech more accessible by offering reliability to the businesses that can create a more efficient and sustainable infrastructure for global business. We do this by breaking down barriers by providing both capital and mentorship while innovating new ways of education on our core focuses of energy, transportation, food, water and waste along with deploying technologies that work effectively in scaling year -round processes.

We have created a unique platform designed to bring together investors, entrepreneurs and ideas. Together they deconstruct the current global systems of energy and mobility while leveraging different business models like sharing economy or sustainability driven products.

Our Core Values

Investing for a better future

Green Future is an impact investing private equity firm that offers investors the ability to invest their money in things that matter in the world, for a better future.

Invest your money into something meaningful

With our team of experts and sophisticated tools, we analyze data to find opportunities where you can make an impact with your investments.

Be part of something bigger

Your investments will be making change happen - through our work with the most innovative companies we are able to bring real solutions to people who need them the most.

Why Us?

Our investors are granted an opportunity to invest in our funds and we provide them with diversified investment opportunities from across sectors of renewable energy, waste management, recycling and forestry/land use change.

We offer you the opportunity to invest in products and projects that are good for people, the planet and profit.

Join Green Future and invest in eco - friendly innovation.